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Highlight Sarah Cronk and Sarah Herr for their courage to start something so amazing for teens with disabilities.Sarah Cronk received an award at the VH1 Do Something Awards show for their efforts in making a difference. These amazing teens have really shown how big of a heart they have by giving others a chance at what most never dream of doing. Both Sarah’s formed a program of cheerleader squads all across the nation for high school students with disabilities to be part of a wonderful experience by helping them gain confidence and to feel accepted among their peers. As of now they have 33 squads and are trying to form more, you can check out their website at thesparkleeffect.org for more information. Here at Moment for Life I just wanted to take time out to help shine the light to these two amazing girls for have such a great heart and for giving back to their peers. This is what I call a Moment for Life……….