Poor T.I. still hasn’t learned his lesson. After two days from being released form an Arkansas Federal Prison T.I. has been sent back to jail so he can finish out the rest of his thirty days.  Tiny showed up to welcome her boo back home in a tricked out tour bus a four car entourage. My source says that authorities did not like that because people were camping out just to catch a glimpse of T.I. Tiny whole escapade cause such a mess they even had traffic backed cause people were trying to see what was going on. The halfway house did not want the attention so they call to have T.I. sent back to Arkansas to Atlanta’s federal prison finish out the rest of his time there back in jail……..SMDH. Some people gave rapper T.I. 6 months and some gave 2 months before he will go back to jail but they were all wrong cause he didn’t make it two full days.