photo by  INFphoto.com  Ref.: infusny-169/170I hope this is just a rumor…………. Allegedly Swizz Beatzhas been sexting song writer by the name of Christina Elizabeth from Houston, TX. Alicia is a beautiful person and look as if she gives Swizz everything he desires in a marriage. People never wanted them together anyway, after his public breakup with Mashonda over the last two years. I say if Mashonda has moved on from it spectators need to also. Starting rumors to break up someone happy home is an ugly color to wear (hate) and this person need to stop to avoid public humiliation. I hope Swizz is not this stupid  to want to relive another ugly divorce especially when his career is on top. If the text is true hopefully it was just work related. Moment for Life will be keeping a close eye out for the truth.