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Amber Rose writing a tell all book. Is she finally going to speak out about her relationships she had with Kanye. Nahhhh…..she’s not writing a tell all on her and Kanye but she is writing a book about her life’s lessons. Even though Amber has faced a lot of media scrutiny since her break up with Kanye. I can say I do respect Amber for knowing how to keep her mouth shut after their break up and continuing to stay relevant in this industry. She could have told it all and gotten paid but she chose the high road and decided she will get paid off just being Amber Rose. Despite everyone saying she used Kanye’s fame to launch her modeling career, I agree with her statement that she couldn’t help that the person she was in a relationship with was famous. Her using Kanye’s name to get a jump-start in the industry is no different from basketball wives using their current or ex name to branch off and make their own money too. Well this is her Moment for Life, so why not make money off it. Amber did release this statement via twitter about her book:

Amber Rose

I have decided that I will write books. Something u may not know about me is that I’ve been writing stories for a lo… http://say.ly/MlPKwE