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Moment for Life would like to send condolences to the friends and family of Orlando Brown and Vesta Williams.

March 18, 1963 – September 22,2011

Prescriptions drugs were found and may be the cause of Vesta’s death according to a call at the El Segundo,CA hotel Thursday night where she was found. Here’s a quick look at Vest’s R&B career. Vesta Williams was part of the girl band Wild Honey in 1977 and later started her solo career with A&M Records. She début her first album called Vesta in 1986 with hits songs “Once Bitten and Twice Shy.” Her sophomore album released in 1988 called Vesta 4 U with songs called “Sweet Sweet Love”, “4 U”, and “Congratulations.” In 1989 Vesta released album number 3 called Relationships and then 2007 she released Distant Lover. Vesta will be surly be missed.

December 12, 1970 – September 23, 2011.

Orlando Brown a former Baltimore Ravens football player was found dead at his home in Baltimore today. No details as to the cause of death have been released yet.  Orlando played for the Cleveland Browns from 1993-1995 again from 1999-2000, Baltimore Ravens from 1996-1998 and 2003-2005. Brown was injured in 1999 by a referee when a penalty marker was thrown hitting Brown in the eye. He sued the NFL in which they settled out of court for $25 million. Brown retired in 2005 after the season and went into the restaurant business.