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Say what now!!!!!! Tyrese kicked off WJKS Kiss 101.7 radio station in Delaware for speaking up about a liquor store being next to a school. I’m not mad for his outcry but this happens to be in most hoods across the country. Tyrese goes on by saying

 Get the cats out of here man selling alcohol right across from yo kids school, homie. That ain’t it, put the pressure on them, homie,  Ya’ll know how to put the pressure on cats, selling in your hood doing this and doing that, you run dudes outta here quick, go have a conversation with them cats about selling alcohol right across the street from your kids elementary school……I’m just saying.

When the radio station returned from commercial break, Tyrese was no longer on the air. I guess they told him “You get outta here homie with all that protesting, go protest in yo hood.”  Guess he want be welcome back to Delaware radio stations.