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Controversial Author Ralph Richard Banks writes a book titled “Is Marriage For White People?” This book has caused a lot of controversy in the black community. Banks tells black women if you want to get marry you should look past black men to explore your options. Banks also say that black women should give up on dating the black man if she has not married yet. What are your thought on this topic? Has the black women expectation for the black man gone out the window and no longer exist. The poll said: WOMEN WHO MARRY OUTSIDE THEIR RACE

9% Black                                                              

48% Asian

41% Hispanic

Here’s an excerpt from his Banks book:

“Why? Why are black women the least likely to marry out? What are the consequences of the unprecedented rates at which they marry down or remain unmarried? These are the questions at the heart of my inquiry. I find the answers in two very different types of evidence. For more than a year, I traveled the country interviewing scores of professional black women at length about their relationships with men. Their stories, told with courage and candor, are certain to resonate deeply with some readers and to surprise or even shock others. Before I conducted my first interview, I devoted several years to the study of the black marriage decline. I began, as law professors typically do, with judicial decisions and legislative enactments but soon found myself immersed in history, social science, and government data about the United States population.”