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If you haven’t heard about Amber Cole here’s the low down on it.  This video has circulated for some time now all on the internet, Facebook and Twitter. A 14 year on girl gives oral sex to her x-boyfriend around the same age as her on the school playground among other boys while being video taped. There has been an outpour of people supporting her by video and an outpour of mockery. What ever the case may be with people’s reaction, I think it is very sad that more and more teens are allowing the peer pressure of other teens cause them to stoop this low by degrading themselves in front of others. No matter what the reality of this case maybe  to the world it is still immoral and another form of cyber bullying.  Check out some of the video of what critics had to say……

Amber Cole Song

Leave Amber Cole Alone

Leave Amber Cole Alone Part 2

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