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Rumor has it that Kim and Kris wedding was a set up for her to cash in on. Well I can say I am not surprised. Kim meeting and dating Kris came out of no where and all of a sudden he just popped the question. This whole put together marriage was part of a scam to start a new reality show but word got out about the fake marriage. What ever the case maybe,  Kim just loss her fan base. Kim admitted to People Magazine,

that married life hasn’t been ” ideal.

Hmmmmm……so what does that mean? Kim and Kris have been seen publicly arguing, is their trouble in paradise already.  I can say this, Kris does not mesh well with her family, he’s to outspoken and this they do not like their men to be. Just look at Bruce Jenner and Lamar Odom they are very submissive to their women…….