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When the media first learned of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant divorce all the rumors started to fly. Reports have been made by varies sources of what sparked Vanessa’s filing. We’ve all heard that is was because of the playboy bunny Jessica Burciaga, whom has denied all claims via twitter and even stated she has never met Kobe. Sanaa Lathan was suppose to have flirted with Kobe and was rumored to be one of his mistress, in which she took to her twitter page to deny all claims. Rumors even spread that other basketball wives told Vanessa of Kobe’s infidelity ways. Now reports are being made that Kobe and Vanessa marriage was a scam just to dupe Kobe out of money. Vanessa ex step father even spoke to the media about how Vanessa’s mom taught her how to be a gold digger. And now that he’s digging Kim Kardashian her self, not that she needs anymore media attention. Also reports are being made that she will walk away with $75 million. It is sad that he didn’t learn from a public humiliation of rape charges before but instead he decides to continue on this path of self distraction of cheating. I guess he should have had that talk with Tigger………he had to learn for hisself. Which ever the case may be for who or whom ever the mistress Kobe was sleeping with, no one broke up their marriage but Kobe himself and he has no one to blame but the reflection that stares back at him when looking in the mirror.