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Beyoncé is proving to be the hardest working women in the industry. Most women dream of having a family and taking the time off to spend time raising their bundles of joy, but not Bey. The Dream told AOL Boombox that he is gearing up to work with Beyoncé for a possible fifth album. This is what The Dream had to say about Bey,

She’s ready to work,” The-Dream tells The BoomBox. “She’s crazy! She never stops doing anything. I don’t know if [pregnancy] is going to slow her down. She’s just incredible with doing things, I don’t know how she’s going to do it, she’s just a maniac… in a good way.

This is defiantly a good thing for The Dream, to be working with Beyoncé yet again for another possible album. He’s responsible for the hit “Single Ladies” plus work off her “4” album. She will always make herself relevent in this industry and will risk everything to stay in the spot life. New comers need to step their game up if they want exposure or to even be relevant because Bey is letting you now she aint going nowhere. Stay tuned for week by week photos of Beyoncé pregnancy and maybe a album release the day after her baby is born……The Sh*t Cray!!!